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A new South Korean television drama about a doctor trapped Korean Drama in North Korea is proving popular with university students in Pyongyang, according to Daily NK sources. I originally fell in love her with the drama Can You Hear My Heart?” In KMHM she is spectacular as always, but what really surprised me is the versatility of JS. This drama really showcases his talent as a actor… The twin” YoSub and YoNa were truly amazing! My goodness, I think by the time KMHM ends, I would have used up all adjectives coz this drama is just sooooo defi-freaking-nitely AWESOME! And Yo Sub saying thank you to her, that he was tired & would rest, & that he was not thinking of killing himself…….pretty much tells me that he’s now ok and perhaps won’t be surfacing again!

It was extremely hard to watch a helpless & innocent child being abused physically & mentally while the so-called adults did absolutely nothing to stop it. I have a blog dedicated to translating comments of Korean netizens on drama articles. This drama make u thought whether to all rich people..as long as in front of people, u keep ur attitude..they will turn blind what u do inside the house or behind all those people….

LOL Not quite like a burqa, but… It kind of reminds me of Ji Sung’s actress wife who played the lead female in I Hear Your Voice when she wore the largest sun visor I’d ever seen in my life (almost like a welders protective mask) to hide her facial blushing/feelings from the young man when he was protecting her from that maniac. The difference between this drama and Sybil is, while protraying a serious subject, Kill Me or Heal Me is funny, sweet, and entertaining at the same time and leave you waiting for the next episode.

I am not Korean, and was wondering what’s up with Korean men to be so mean to women. I watched this with my wife’s insistence (she is not a Korean either but loves K-dramas). It’s also really interesting to see some cultural differences in it, different attitudes to things, like things that wouldn’t be a big deal in a Western country are major problem in Korean society.

Because it’s the first time looks to be a great young adult drama with a montage of coming of age stories. But really the draw for me is that these are short episode dramas with Minho of SHINee at the helm. Also it stars Choi Si Won and I haven’t seen that man in a drama in FAR too long! Stepping back though, if Tae-hyun does get to continue doctoring (which at this point, I presume he will, lest we have a completely different medical drama on our hands about a former doctor performing without a license), I hope we still get to see more of him as Yong-pal.


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